Dubbed "The Truth", 100 Proof brings to the studio his hunger for wisdom. He puts into his lyrics principles, priorities, and discipline from an urban perspective combined with the rawness and reality of his environment and self. He puts forth effort to keep his music and ideas real, realizing that greatness is an everyday battle to stay true to ones own reality while constantly pushing forward. As commented by a true 100 Proof fan, "100 Proof is what you get. An onslaught of verbal calisthenics on the coldest beats made from scratch. Real raw and un-cut. No where near one pin-pointing style. 100 Proof carries a versatile swag from track to track and you can bet that." Born and raised on the South Side of Youngstown, Ohio, 100 Proof has always been a man with a lot to say and roots in hip hop. He has been an MC for 12 years; although his first dream, his desire to play professional football, ended abruptly with a knee injury. Never letting anything stop his grind, 100 Proof continued on to become a 2004 Youngstown State University Graduate. He believes strongly in making the best of any situation, especially negative ones. He has an unmatched dedication to success and to the up lift ment of his community and those frowned upon upon by society as a whole. After honing his lyrical skills, 100 Proof decided to put his college education to use and dedicate his life to his muzak. He is one of 3 founders of Real Muzak, Inc., an entertainment and promotions company which was nominated for Best Promotions Company at the 2007 Ohio Hip Hop Awards and is currently doing Ohio promotions for Slip N Slide Records. 100 Proof is currently networking in the entertainment industry and working to break onto the scene with a distinguished swagger. "The Truth" was recognized when 100 Proof was nominated and received 2 nd Place for Best New Artist at the 2007 Ohio Hip Hop Awards. He is also currently on a promotional campaign for the 2008 release of his first album, Thoroughbred. DJ Joey Fingaz & Big Heff's "Real Muzak Vol. 1" Mix CD hosted by 100 Proof was released in May 2007 featuring music by 100 Proof, Young Buck, MIMS, Jim Jones, and more was released in May 2007. Recently released, 100 Proof's "Swagger" MixCD Hosted by Tone Beatz featuring original music by 100 Proof with industry sounds and other underground artists. 100 Proof has opened up for many major artists including Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Ray Cash, Jim Jones, Slim Thug, Spice One, and Dem Franchise Boys. he has perfromed in states ranging from Ohio and West Virginia to Georgia. When asked to describe himself, 100 Proof answers, "Ladies and Gentlemen: I live everyday of my life tryin' to keep it one hundred; Let my ambitions and successes, As well as my mistakes, and my failures be the proof. You ain't gotta like me, but you will respect me. I'm from Youngstown, Ohio born and raised and neva claim no other. I believe in what's Real. There is a purpose for everything and everybody - the trick is figuring out what yours is and then having the discipline to follow through with the gifts and talent that makes you a worthy agent for that purpose. This is why keeping it real is essential to survival, no entity, non what so ever can survive with longevity when it is forged and maintained in untruth. So state yo name, how, and why you came then do what you do, and everything gone be slick, I got nothing else for ya'll that's it. ONE Love. -100"